38 Plays / 38 Days Winner

Thanks so much to the dozens of you who participated in our #OCS38Plays challenge! This was a wonderful chance for us at the OCS to see what it is that draws so many people in to Shakespeare’s plays in different ways, and it opened up some wonderful conversations both here in the office and online.

Our 38 Plays / 38 Days  winner is: Alexi Sargeant! Alexi diligently participated throughout the 38 days of the contest, sharing photos, quotes, and personal recollections from productions he’s been in. He’s also an OCS Theatre Camp veteran several times over! He wins a pair of tickets to an OCS performance, and we look forward to welcoming him back to the Blackfriars Playhouse.

We also congratulate the winner of the Session 1 camp contest, Matt Gieseke, and runner-up Rachel Hubble.

38 Plays / 38 Days Challenge

Share your love for Shakespeare during our 38 Plays / 38 Days Challenge as we count down the days to the start of the OCS Theatre Camp! Our first session begins on June 22, and our second session begins on July 20. The OCS is also celebrating the close of our 2013/2014 Artistic Year and the completion of Shakespeare’s canon.


How to Play:

  • We’ll post a different Shakespearean play title to the OCS Facebook page and OCSTC blog every day starting on Thursday, May 15 (38 days out from the start of OCSTC Session 1).
  • Share a post about that play on any of your favorite hashtaggable social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, or Google+). Your post can be a performance (audio or video) of your favorite line, a quote, a photo, a meme, or a song.
    • Tag #OCS38plays to your post, then share it on the OCS Facebook page or as a comment to that day’s play title post.
    • Anyone can play! Participants will be entered into a drawing to win two free tickets to an OCS show. Registered OCSTC campers have the chance to earn extra prizes.
    • Each day that you post counts as one entry into the grand prize drawing, so you have up to 38 chances to win.
  • We’ll announce the winners on June 22.
  • Remember, you have to tag your post with #OCS38plays!