Shakespearean March Madness 2012: Final Four, Part 2

With yesterday’s match off and rolling, here is the second Final Four combat: Iago vs. Lady Macbeth, a true battle of will, guile, deceit, and pure malice. Which of these two formidable contenders should move on to the finals? You decide — Tell us who you think has the upper hand and what in the text leads you to believe that.

Final Four, Match 2: Iago vs Lady Macbeth

  • Iago
  • Lady Macbeth

Don’t forget to vote in yesterday’s match — and on Friday, we’ll reveal the two finalists!

2 thoughts on “Shakespearean March Madness 2012: Final Four, Part 2

  1. I CAN'T DECIDE. I feel like they'd stop mid-fight, look at each other, drop their arms and start making out. Or at least extend a hand in recognition of a perfectly matched duel.


  2. This is a really, really tough one. These two are about as evenly matched as they come. Both vicious, both ambitious, both ruthless — and also both prone to getting their way as much through indirect means as by their own hands.I'm going to go with Lady M here: Iago consistently seems to disdain women, including his own clever wife, so I think he might underestimate Lady M. That gives her an advantage, and Lady M is someone who can definitely grab hold of an advantage and use it for her purposes.


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