Shakespearean March Madness 2012: The Final Four

We’re coming down to it, and our Elite 8 matches saw some surprising upsets! In an unexpected turn of events, witty Beatrice overcomes last year’s second-place winner Henry V, 26-17. In the closest match of the round, Macbeth is the one who finally knocks The Bear out of contention (22-21). Well-fought, bear; if you have to go out, it may as well be to one who smacks of every sin that has a name. Iago ends the winning streak of everyone’s favorite shrew, Katharina, using his cunning and deceit to overpower her feminine ferocity (23-11). And finally, Tybalt and his Spanish blade can’t defeat the guile and ruthlessness of Lady Macbeth, who puts him down 27-7.

The bracket stands thus:

So that gives us our Final Four: On opposite sides of the bracket, Shakespeare’s most gleefully malicious couple, scheming and stabbing their way to the top; perhaps the wittiest of all the comic heroines, whose cheerful nature masks a ferocious heart and righteous fury; and the devious villain whose jealous machinations create a whirlwind of destruction. Match 1 begins today; Match 2 tomorrow. Who deserves a spot in the Finals? Let us know what you think!

Final Four, Match 1: Beatrice vs Macbeth

  • Beatrice
  • Macbeth

3 thoughts on “Shakespearean March Madness 2012: The Final Four

  1. I will confess: I never thought that Beatrice would make it this far. The comic heroines don't typically fare so well in this kind of match — she's definitely this year's Cinderella story. And I'm giving her the edge over Macbeth. Not only is he susceptible to women who are good with words, as his wife's manipulations show, but Beatrice is most definitely not a man of woman born, so she could easily fulfill the prophecy. Against all odds, I think Beatrice moves on to the finals.


  2. I agree with you about Beatrice, but man do I want to see husband vs. wife in the final two. Although, I think Lady M would win that one pretty easy. At least, in my opinion.


  3. That would be awesome. But so would having two chicks in the finals! Which is why I'll probably support Lady M over Iago tomorrow (though I expect that to be a close match).


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