Shakespearean March Madness 2012: Round of 16, Pt 2

First, the results of the final batch from the first Round:

Like Portia before her, Beatrice has no trouble handling Shylock. Her brilliant wit lets her outmaneuver the crafty moneylender to a 30-5 victory. In a far closer match, Philip the Bastard takes the win (19-16) over Othello, using his combination of cleverness, combat skills, and pure cheek to win out over the Moor of Venice. Poor Othello just can’t seem to make it out of the first round, but maybe he’ll get a lucky break in 2013. Improbable Jack Falstaff defeats Cordelia 17-15, proving that crafty cowardice can definitely get you further than noble honor, if applied correctly. Finally, our expert swordsman Tybalt sends rough-and-tumble Guiderius back to his mountain, with learned skill triumphing over untutored strength (19-10). Better luck next year, Guiderius — maybe after seeing Cymbeline in the fall, more folk will back you up.

So, here’s the bracket at the end of the first round (click to expand):

Today, we send two more pairs into the ring to compete for the chance to join the Elite 8. In Match 3, The Bear lumbers from Bohemia over to Italy to take on Mark Antony, and Richard III faces Lady Macbeth in another rematch from last year. Who of these four deserves to move on to the Elite 8? You tell us!

Round of 16, Match 3: The Bear vs Antony

Who wins the battle?

  • The Bear
  • Antony


Round of 16, Match 4: Richard III vs Lady Macbeth

Who wins the battle?

  • Richard III
  • Lady Macbeth


My picks will be in a comment. These polls will be open until early next week. Don’t forget to vote on Pt 1 as well, and stay tuned the rest of this week for the other Round of 16 matches.

4 thoughts on “Shakespearean March Madness 2012: Round of 16, Pt 2

  1. I'm picking Antony over The Bear. Hunting wild animals is sport for a Roman, and Antony's spent enough time in Gallic wilderness to know how to deal with aggressive beasts. I have no doubt that Antony would soon have a nice bearskin rug or a new cloak.The second one is a tough match and no mistake. Richard III won out last year, but this time around, I think the edge goes to Lady M. She'll be smarting from 2011's defeat and out for blood, and that will make her dangerous.

  2. I've got to disagree. Antony is a pretty tongue and and pretty face (and he's easily distracted by women). The Bear is raw natural power. The Bear totally has this one. :)

  3. I don't know. While both Richard III and Lady Macbeth ruthlessly kill, Lady Macbeth eventually succumbs to guilt, while Richard knows he did what he needed to do. I have to say Richard III.

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