Shakespearean March Madness 2012: Round of 16, Pt 1

A new week, a new set of matches for Shakespearean March Madness. Before we begin the Round of Sixteen, here are the results of Round 1.3:

takes a narrow 21-17 victory over Oberon, proving that the fiery rebel has as little patience for fairy magic as for Welsh superstitions. Macbeth handily wins over poor Toby Belch (31-6), whom we can only hope was soundly smacked around but not actually killed, and is now drinking off the shame and sorrow of his defeat. In a surprise victory — at least it surprised me, even though I was supporting her — Katharina takes a commanding 25-11 lead over Cassius. And finally, Doll Tearsheet‘s pub-brawling prowess gives her the win over Richard II’s eloquence (26-9). Those two feisty females join Lady M in the Round of 16, so despite Queen Margaret’s nigh-unbelievable loss to The Bear, I can at least be glad that my gender’s not going down without a good fight.

Today, the first two face-offs from last week’s champs: Henry V vs. Titus Andronicus and Iago vs. Prospero. All four of these blokes made it to the Elite 8 last year (and Titus and Henry actually squared off in the Final Four) — so in 2012, at least two of them are going home disappointed (if not in pieces).

Round of 16: Match 1: Henry V vs. Titus Andronicus

Who wins the battle?

  • Henry V
  • Titus Andronicus


Round of 16: Match 2: Iago vs. Prospero

My picks will, as always, be in a comment. Don’t forget to vote for Round 1.4, which I’ll be closing out tomorrow — there are some real nail-biters in this set, so every vote counts!

2 thoughts on “Shakespearean March Madness 2012: Round of 16, Pt 1

  1. Much though it pains me not to support my boy Hal, I'm actually going to go with Titus for the first one. If there's anything we know motivates him, it's revenge, and I think he'll do whatever necessary to pay Henry back for keeping him out of the finals last year.In the second match, I give it to Iago, mostly because I can *never* fathom how Prospero keeps making it this far in. Yes, I know he has magic, but he doesn't actually use it to take anyone out! Iago has no scruples, and that gives him the edge.

  2. Yay! I'm glad Kate's still in it. I thought she'd be out after the first round when I saw she was matched up with Cassius. She can totally take her next opponent though (I'm guessing Falstaff).I, too, am voting Iago over Prospero. Iago's one of those characters who seems like he can pull off anything. Prospero…is boring. :)I haven't read or seen either play for the first match so I'll stay out of it.

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