Shakespearean March Madness 2012: Round 1.3

Before I introduce the next 8 contestants to the ring, here are the results from Round 1.1:

Paulina makes a good show, but loses 40-11 to Henry V. Much though it shames me to announce it, Queen Margaret, last year’s champion, gets knocked out in the first round by The Bear. This match was about as close as they come — 28-26 for the final score — but the ursine competitor got the upper paw over the she-wolf of France. (Here in the office, Graphics Designer Lauren Rogers wants everyone to know that she’s put her money on The Bear to take home the title). Iago pushes ahead over Tamora, 30-22; the Queen of the Goths’ guile put up a good fight, but wasn’t enough to overcome the wily machinations of her opponent. And finally, Richard III dominates over Cornwall in what was very nearly a shut-out, 43-3. Cornwall may be vicious, but Crookback Dick’s resolve and intensity give him the edge.

And now, for Round 1.3, the next set of combatants are: Hotspur vs. Oberon, Macbeth vs. Sir Toby Belch, Katharina vs. Cassius, and Doll Tearsheet vs. Richard II.

Match 9: Hotspur vs. Oberon

Match 10: Macbeth vs. Sir Toby Belch

Who wins the battle?

  • Macbeth
  • Sir Toby Belch


Match 11: Katharina vs. Cassius

Who wins the battle?

  • Katharina
  • Cassius


Match 12: Doll Tearsheet vs. Richard II

Who wins the battle?

  • Doll Tearsheet
  • Richard II


This set will be open through the end of the week.

Don’t forget to get your votes in for Round 1.2, which will close Thursday — a few of those matches are running really tight. Make your opinion known and help your favorite to victory!

3 thoughts on “Shakespearean March Madness 2012: Round 1.3

  1. My picks for Round 1.3:Hotspur over Oberon. We know perfectly well that Hotspur has no patience with supernatural nonsense (see his saucy remarks to Glendower in 3.1 of 1H4), and besides, Oberon's likely to get distracted from the combat by some romantic squabble.Macbeth over Toby, easy — although it might be fun to watch Toby try to wriggle out of the combat. He's no match for the Scottish hellhound, though.Katharina over Cassius, because he's bound to underestimate her. He'll dismiss her out of hand, and the second his back is turned, she'll be breaking household furniture over his head.And finally, I take Doll Tearsheet over Richard II — though this is another one I'd love to see play out, mostly because the contrast between Richard's florid verse and Doll's all-too-earthy prose would be quality entertainment. But ultimately, Doll's feistiness and quick temper are going to give her an edge over Richard's contemplation and analytical nature.Plus, I feel compelled to champion Kate and Doll since the ladies have been getting a bit trounced so far. We need some feminine fury in the Round of 16!

  2. Sir Toby against Macbeth? Poor guy didn't stand a chance. Although I actually can't think of much of anybody he *would* stand a chance against.

  3. Oberon hands down. His magic makes him blatantly superior to any mortal opponent. We see him become invisible, for a start. How would Hotspur combat that? Expecting Oberon to simply 'get distracted' in a battle to the death is outrageous.

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